What To Do

What to do when a Death Occurs….

Contact your Funeral Home

Contact your funeral home as soon as the death occurs. We will coordinate with you or local officials (if applicable) as to the most efficient manner of removing your loved one to our care and providing emotional support for grieving family members and friends.

We will set up an arrangements conference to discuss biographical and vital information, service options, and select relevant merchandise.

It is important to have the following at your arrangements conference:

  • Clothing
  • Current and past pictures (for obituary, memorial folders, and cosmetic restoration)
  • Vital info such as ( social security number, birth date and place of birth, mother and fathers name, mother and spouse’s maiden name, and educational level)
  • Military discharge (if applicable)
  • An idea of hobbies and life stories
  • List of pallbearers (if applicable)
  • All insurance policies


The importance of planning

It is human to put things off, but proper planning for the event of one’s death can spare a family many traumatic decisions and financial burdens. Learn more about Planning Ahead